Letter to the editor: A vote for Markey

Town Moderator may not be the most-recognized position in town government, but it is incredibly important.

The moderator conducts Town Meeting — the legislative body of our town,  organizing the meeting; clarifying the rules of the meeting; presiding at the meeting over it; declaring the vote of each article debated, and appointing the Finance Committee, so it needs to be someone we can trust.

Joe Markey, who is running for Moderator, will preside over Town Meeting in a fair, open and efficient manner.

I am a parent in Lynnfield.  I’m invested in raising my children in this community and preserving the quality of life our town is fortunate enough to have.  

I believe strongly that Joe Markey knows how important our schools are to the fabric of the community. Joe Markey is a life-long Lynnfielder who has the strong local and independent orientation we need and expect from our Town Moderator.  

Joe has served on the Recreational Path Committee which is tasked with overseeing the study of the Lynnfield-Wakefield rail-trail.  He did a great job as he always does. He was fair and equitable. He has done an incredible job running our community housing in Lynnfield by bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars for capital improvements.

We need a moderator who knows Lynnfield’s past challenges and is ready to moderate Lynnfield’s future endeavors.

I know that Joe will serve Lynnfield well as our next moderator.  Join me in voting for him on Tuesday April 9.

Kelly Morgese

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