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Lynn resident shaving her head for Buzz for Kids with Cancer

Jack Rahilly and Jacqui Trainor braving the shave at the Buzz Off For Kids with Cancer event three years ago. (Courtesy photo)

LYNN — Jacqui Trainor has been shaving her head for years, and for good reason.

Since 2013, the Lynn resident, and her boyfriend, Jack Rahilly, have participated in the Buzz Off For Kids with Cancer fundraiser at Gillette Stadium. Although they missed the last two years, Trainor said they are ready to continue their favorite tradition of helping kids with cancer.

“It’s always so cool,” said Trainor. “The kids going through treatments are looking around at these men and women of all ages shaving our heads for them. Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) and Jermaine Wiggins are there every year. It’s going to be even more electric this year because we won the Super Bowl.”

The nationwide initiative, held in Foxborough on June 2, has raised $7.7 million since its inception in 2010, according to its website. The money goes toward programs that make the children’s journeys easier during treatment and hospitalization, provide emotional support to patients and their families, make the hospital experience less scary and lonely, provide financial relief to families in need, and bring smiles to the faces of sick children.

“The kids are so excited and so happy to see all of us doing it,,” Trainor said. “Their parents are always there and thanking us and it’s really just a beautiful event.”

By watching participants choose to shave their heads, the children realize they are not alone and that people really do care, said Trainor. She said her biggest reason for continuously participating in the event is the money goes toward things that make the kids smile, instead of unexplainable research.

“When I went to sit down and shave my head for first time, I felt the same as when I was 17 years old and jumped out of a plane, and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Am I really doing this?'” said Trainor. “When I felt it coming off it was weird but, because everyone else around me was doing it, I just got into it. Then I looked at myself and thought, ‘Wow, you look really good’.”

Trainor said she likes to make the most out of her bald head. A few weeks after the event, when some of her hair grows back, she makes a trip to the barber to get a fresh design.

“My hair comes back in beautifully,” she said. “Now, it’s always so healthy.”

The 56-year-old lifelong Lynner said she would recommend participating in the fundraiser, at least once, to everyone. It is the type of event that can put a lot of things into perspective, she said.

“I would tell anyone interested that it’s very liberating and the hair grows back,” she said. “It’s just such a great organization and, to me, it’s so worth it.”

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