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Police Log: 3-1-19

All address information, particularly arrests, reflect police records. In the event of a perceived inaccuracy, it is the sole responsibility of the concerned party to contact the relevant police department and have the department issue a notice of correction to the Daily Item. Corrections or clarifications will not be made without express notice of change from the arresting police department.



A report of a motor vehicle hit and run crash at 3:39 p.m. Wednesday at 9 Rockmere Gardens.

A report of a motor vehicle crash at 8:16 p.m. Wednesday at 20 Phillips Ave.; at 5:58 a.m. Thursday on Central Square; at 6:34 a.m. Thursday at Chestnut Street and Western Avenue; at 7:50 a.m. Thursday on City Hall Square; at 9:44 a.m. Thursday at Taco Bell at 124 Boston St.; at 12:15 p.m. Thursday at Broad and Silsbee streets.


A report of a robbery at 10:32 p.m. Wednesday at 330 Essex St.



Minor motor vehicle crash with property damage reported on Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. at 771 Salem St. and 462 South Broadway. Officer reports no injuries and the Massachusetts State Police is on scene.


A 911 hangup call was received on Wednesday at 11:25 a.m. from the Summer Street School at 262 Summer St. Officer reports no service necessary.

Accidental burglar alarm triggered by the homeowner at 470 Main St. on Wednesday at 8:31 p.m.


Caller reports a vehicle is parked overnight at 78 Pine Hill Road on Wednesday at 3:52 p.m.  

Report of an open window in the house across the street from 1 Hunting Lane on Wednesday at 4:33 p.m. Officer shut the window and all is secure.

Police assisted with traffic control at 605 Walnut St. at 1 Sparhawk Drive on Wednesday at 5:14 p.m. as a disabled tractor trailer made a delivery.

Resident at 20 Fletcher Road wants police to check his home because he found an open door inside the garage on Wednesday at 8:46 p.m. Officer reports all is OK.

Motor vehicle in road reported on Thursday at 6:16 a.m. at 11 Homestead Road. Officer spoke with resident and had them remove the vehicle.

Medical Aid

Ambulance requested at American Eagle Outfitters at 740 Market St. on Wednesday at 4:48 p.m. Patient taken to Salem Hospital.

Medical aid rescue requested at Davio’s Restaurant at 1250 Market St. on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Officer reports patient refused assistance.



Multiple calls reported a motor vehicle crash at Tedesco Street and Leggs Hill Road at 7:37 p.m. on Wednesday. A car reportedly drove into a tree and the airbags deployed.


A walk-in reported a postal worker driving erratically on Smith Street at 8:32 a.m. on Wednesday. They stated they witnessed the man, at least four times, race through the parking lot near children.

A caller reported an elevator was out of service on Rowland Street at 5:11 p.m. on Wednesday. She stated she was concerned because there were multiple people in the building who were unable to get from floor to floor.

A caller reported he turned near Birch and Lafayette streets and another motorist started to chase him and tailgate him at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. He stated they stopped at the intersection and the other male driver parked behind him, exited the vehicle and stood in front of his car yelling and refusing to move. Responding officers worked with both males and they were able to work out their differences.



Freddy Elias-Cutzal, 18, of 32 Brimblecombe, Apt. 3, Lynn, was arrested on warrant charges.


A report of a motor vehicle accident on Breezy Hill Terrace at 3:05 p.m. Wednesday.


The Nahant Fire Department responded to a resident on Willow Road who reported her basement was flooding and she couldn’t find the source of the water at 5:28 a.m. Monday. The fire department fixed the issue.

Police were dispatched to Emerald Road for a report of a dog barking for hours at 5:58 a.m. Monday. Officers reported standing in the area for several minutes and all was quiet.

A report of two vehicles stopping, starting and speeding on the outbound lane of the causeway at 9:58 a.m. Monday.

Police report a wire down from a home on Lennox Road at 10:05 a.m. Monday.

Police reported a power outage on Greystone Road and Lafayette Terrace at 11:03 a.m. Monday. They further reported the pumping station on Lafayette was out. The chief notified National Grid for an emergency response.

A report of downed wires on Maple Avenue at 11:40 a.m. Monday.

An unknown man reported a low hanging cable box and wire on Willow Road at 1:07 p.m. Monday. Police were dispatched to the location and found small tree branches in the road. They moved the branches and determined the wires were not a hazard at this time.

A report of downed wires on Wilson Road at 1:22 p.m. Monday.

A James Avenue resident reported a power outage at 4:08 p.m. Monday. Police reported there are no downed wires in the area and the home seems to be the only one affected.

A report of a sewer backup at a residence on Willow Road at 6:37 p.m. Monday.

A report of a dark blue BMW wagon all over the road at Lennox Road at 6:25 a.m. Tuesday.

Police were dispatched to a home on Fenno Way for a report of a wire down in a driveway at 6:35 a.m. Wednesday.

Police were dispatched to Flash Road for a report of a large truck that took down wires at 2:54 p.m. Wednesday.

A caller reported a dark colored sedan just sped up Swallow Cave Road at 50 miles per hour and said they wanted it on record at 6:46 p.m. Wednesday.



Megan L. Downey, 32, of 120 Briarcliff Road, Apt. 6, Raynham, was arrested on Wednesday at 12:29 p.m. on two outstanding warrants from Peabody District Court. She is charged with two counts of assault and battery on a family/household member, three counts of threat to commit a crime, and intimidating a witness.

Animal Control

Report of a crying dog locked in the backyard at 9 Danforth Road on Tuesday at 4:41 p.m. Officer said a dog is barking, but no one is home. Officer will check the area and stop if he notices someone. At 5:54 p.m. officer reports checking on complaint.

Resident of 420 Lynnfield St. wishes to surrender her 18-month-old male cat on Tuesday at 5:22 p.m. She was advised animal control does not take surrenders and suggested she call the Animal Rescue League and Massachusetts Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Barking dog reported at 7 Cardigan Road on Wednesday at 4:32 a.m. Reporting party said the barking has been an ongoing issue. The animal control officer is aware. Officer reports checking the vicinity of the suspect’s and reporting party’s homes, as well as the streets in the neighborhood. Officer reports no dogs.

Caller reports that the dog at 25 Trask Road has been barking for 30 minutes on Wednesday at 9 a.m. Officer reports the car pulled into the driveway, the dog barked. Car left and the dog stopped barking. Caller left another voicemail complaining of the dog. On callback, he confirmed the dog was no longer barking. He was told the officer responded to his last complaint on Feb 14. and did not see a violation. He was also advised that the Peabody Police Department responded this morning but did not see a violation. Animal control officer told him dogs are allowed to bark sporadically.

Voicemail from caller at 10 Carrell Road on Wednesday at 9:26 a.m. complaining about early morning barking from the dog at 7 Cardigan Road. No answer on callback, but officer left a message advising him police did respond to his complaint and did not witness a violation.

Caller from 7 Rainbow Circle, Apt. 16, reports the dog from Apt. 7 was running loose and defecated on their lawn on Wednesday at 12:33 p.m. Animal control officer mailed a citation warning and copies of the leash and waste removal law to the owner, whose dog is licensed.

Well-being of dogs requested at 1 Belfast St. from the Arlington Police Department on Wednesday at 1:07 p.m. Officer reports the dogs were not on scene. Involved party stated they belong to her ex and live in Derry, N.H., and only visit from time to time.


Request to assist the Massachusetts State Police with a disabled tractor trailer reported at 596 Lowell St. and 2 Johnson St. on Tuesday at 3:17 p.m. Officer reports truck was moved to a safe location on Danforth Street.

Well-being check requested by North Shore Elder Services for an 83-year-old man at 75 Central St., Apt. 209 on Tuesday at 3:44 p.m. Officer reports resident is fine, and said all in order and doesn’t need any assistance. Man said he knows to use LifeLine should help be needed.

Caller from Dunkin’ Donuts at 3 Central St. wanted kids in the cafe removed on Tuesday at 6:13 p.m. Officer reported they were finishing up and will be leaving shortly.

Caller from 8114 Crane Brook Way believes someone was peeping in her window on Tuesday at 6:44 p.m. The person fled wearing a hoodie, no further description. Officer checked the area, nothing unusual at this time, many people are out walking or walking dogs. Person may have made an error and tried the wrong apartment.

Suspicious vehicle in area reported at Pinto Recycling at 147 Summit St. on Tuesday at 8:55 p.m. Officer reports vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Car blocking driveway at Capt. Pete’s Lobster Trap at 5 Caller St. on Tuesday at 9:14 p.m. Officer reports owner came out to move their vehicle.

St. John’s Church at 17 Chestnut St. reports an intoxicated and unruly vagrant spent the night on Tuesday at 9:36 p.m. Officer reports person was taken to Salem Hospital.

Report of a person with a flashlight looking around at 15 Tracey St. on Wednesday at 3:12 a.m. Officer reports the lights were from a vehicle’s headlights that had been left on.

Department of Public Works reports wire down at 70 Washington St. on Wednesday at 12:10 p.m. Lieutenant reports it was a wrapped cable wire put aside for repair.

Caller said she was behind a pickup truck in Danvers on Wednesday at 12:49 p.m. and believes the back is overfilled with sheetrock. She reports the vehicle is on Margin Street heading toward Salem. All units were advised of the vehicle.



Marlene Rodriguez, 23, of 48 Hardwood St., Lynn, was arrested on warrant charges.


A report of a motor vehicle accident at Essex Street and Stevens Place at 2:03 p.m. Wednesday; at Saugus Senior Center on Central Street at 2:55 p.m. Wednesday.


A man walked into the police station at 10:47 a.m. Wednesday to report that he fell victim to an online scam. The man reported that he was sent $2,296 in checks and asked to cash them, keep $476 for himself, and send the remainder back through Bitcoin. It wasn’t until two days later when the checks bounced that he realized he had been scammed.

Police were dispatched to 51 Water St. for a report of the Tennessee Gas Company cutting down bushes on a residents’ property at 12:44 p.m. Wednesday.

A man walked into the station at 2:43 p.m. Wednesday to report his identity had been stolen and used to file for unemployment.



A report of a motor vehicle crash at Paradise and Walker roads at 6:24 p.m. on Wednesday.


A report of hazardous conditions on Danvers Road at 9:42 a.m. on Wednesday.

A report of suspicious activity at 37 Beach Ave. at 6:07 p.m. on Wednesday; at 1 Atlantic Ave. at 10:37 p.m. on Wednesday.


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