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Lynnfield begins contract negotiations with teachers

LYNNFIELD — Negotiations over a new teacher contract began last week behind closed doors.

The School Committee and the Lynnfield Teachers Association met in executive session for what is expected to be the first of many meetings.

The three-year contract, which provided 2.5 percent raises annually, ends in August.

It’s unclear what the teachers are seeking and what the School Committee will offer in response.

Superintendent Jane Tremblay said the parties have agreed not to speak to reporters until the new contact has been negotiated and approved by teachers and the district.

This is Tremblay’s second contract negotiation since becoming superintendent. Typically, she said, in these negotiations the union will present their proposal to the School Committee in private and the district will counter with theirs.

She said when it comes to salaries, Lynnfield Public Schools are competitive with other North Shore communities.

“We pride ourselves on being able to attract and retain high quality educators,” she said.

Lorie Kelly, the union’s president and a teacher at the Summer Street Elementary School, did not respond to multiple calls and emails, seeking comment.

Lynnfield’s contract for the 2018-19 school year calls for first year teachers to earn $52,019 to $60,994 depending on their schooling. For the top step, a teacher with 11 years experience, the range is from $78,899 to $95,056.

In Danvers, the base salary for a first year teacher ranges from $46,560 to $57,734 while top step 15 is $96,844.

In Wellesley, another top notch district, first year teacher salaries range from $48,977 to $62,231 to a maximum step 16, which pays from $90,238 to $114,662.

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