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Nahant fire chief ‘likely departing’ as result of budget constraints

Fire Chief Michael Feinberg, third from right, will “likely be departing his position” this summer because of Nahant’s budget constraints.

NAHANT — The town will likely eliminate the position of a full-time fire chief as a result of budget limitations, Town Administrator Antonio Barletta said in a statement on Friday.

Fire Chief Michael Feinberg, whose contract is set to expire on June 30, will “likely be departing his position” this summer because of the budget constraints, said Barletta. Funding the position moving forward will be the subject of a proposed Proposition 2 ½ override in 2019.

Feinberg’s salary was not publicly available on Friday. The position’s starting range was $83,000 to $101,000 with a maximum salary of almost $124,000, according to the town’s 2018 Advisory Finance Report.

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens as their fire chief over the last three years,” Feinberg said in a statement. “I’m very proud of our accomplishments and the progress we’ve made in making sure our firefighters are well-trained professionals who are prepared to respond to any kind of emergency.”

Feinberg joined the Nahant Fire Department in 2016. He formerly served as captain and director of emergency management with the Lynnfield Fire Department. He started his career as a call firefighter in 1999 and his full-time career in 2003 at the Amesbury Fire Department.

He has overseen the replacement of equipment and apparatus that had exceeded its recommended lifespan, including firefighters’ personal protective equipment and water rescue equipment. He also developed an annual inspection and maintenance program for the Fire Department’s existing apparatus.

All full-time Nahant firefighters have obtained rescue swimmer certification, participated in live fire training, pump operation training, and other programs.

“His work has ultimately made Nahant a safer and better place to live, and his work will no doubt leave a lasting impact on our community,” Barletta said. “I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank him for his work and dedication as chief of the Nahant Fire Department. The town is facing financial hurdles in the near future and we need to prepare for the potential need to restructure our fire department.”


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