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Galleries At LynnArts hosts its first art show, ‘Contrast’

LynnArts GALA

Great White, Charcoal by Joe Skahan is one of the pieces of work on display at the Lynn Arts a group show of Black and White Artwork.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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LynnArts GALA 2

Annette Sykes looks at a piece of art work in the Seeing Red exhibit at Lynn Arts.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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LynnArts GALA 3

Annette Sykes with work from the Seeing Red exhibit at Lynn Arts.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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LynnArts GALA 4

The Scream Acrylic by Michelle Briggs is one of the pieces in the Group Show of Black and White artwork at the Lynn Museum.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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LYNN — Galleries at LynnArts (GALA), the city’s newest arts group, hosts its first show starting Friday night. An opening reception for “Contrast,” an exhibit of black-and-white works, will take place in the main space at 25 Exchange St. from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Most of the participating artists will be on hand to celebrate and talk about their creations.

Next door, in the smaller gallery, GALA’s curatorial committee will present “Seeing Red,” an eclectic collection of works that all feature the most stimulating of colors.

Both shows continue through March 23. Admission is free and all works will be for sale.

Annette Sykes, GALA founder and a Lynn-based artist, is ebullient when talking about the shows. “We wanted to start with something that was really powerful and intense and exciting. It’s an entry point for a lot of different artists and different styles of artwork. In addition to paintings, there are drawings, printmaking, use of resins and pigments, sculpture, and photography, on both paper and metal, and more.

“This is approachable, affordable art, created by artists from Lynn and throughout the North Shore. We are here to get the Lynn art scene moving forward. None of this art is priced outrageously high.” Indeed, many of the works cost less than $100 and few cost more than $225. “It’s the perfect opportunity for North Shore residents to add to or start art collections,” said Sykes.

Local artist Leslie Fahn Rosenberg and photographer Elizabeth Hall co-curated the “Contrast” exhibit. Participating artists include Jeanne Carey, Susan J. Schrader, Emmanuelle Le Gal, Rickey Schwed, Christie Connolly, Tamara Wolfson, Ruby Martinez, Nicole Rim, Nicole Werth, Janice Koskey, Patty Klibansky, Barbara Rafferty, Shannon Culpepper, Joe Skahan, Sabrina Culpepper, Michelle Briggs, Maris Prost, Stefanie Timmermann, Martin Culpepper, Michelle Nadeau, Larry A. Dunn, Ellen Garvey, Karen Hosking, Tia Cole, Ron Theriault, Charleen McGlame, Dr. Eleanor Fischer, Rosenberg, Hall and Sykes. Sheila Golden, VIA, and Arlene Zubris have works displayed in the “Seeing Red” exhibit.

The term “Contrast” can be interpreted several ways. Does it refer to the shades of gray in the B&W artwork? Does it refer to the subject matter, such as the contrast between two watercolors by Emmanuelle Le Gal, one of which focuses on “Gargoyles of Paris,” her hometown, and “Nahant & Lynn Beach,” which features her longtime home of Lynn? Maybe it’s a bit of both.

“Most of the exhibiting artists will be here Friday night, and, I’m sure, would be very happy to discuss their work and answer questions like ‘What were you thinking when you made this,'” said Sykes.

For more information, go here.

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