Kathy Paul of Lynn, a member of Mass Senior Action Council wants more programming for seniors (Jim Wilson/File Photo )
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Lynn seniors lobby at State House for better access to Medicare, more affordable health care

LYNN — Lynn seniors lobbied at the State House on Tuesday in support of a budget proposal from the governor that, if approved by the Legislature, would make more low-income seniors eligible for the Medicare Savings Program, giving them a break on how much they pay for prescriptions, premiums and other health care costs.

Massachusetts Senior Action Council members boarded a bus in Lynn on Tuesday to head to Boston to lobby for what the group is calling a potentially life-saving bill that would reduce Medicare costs for more than 40,000 low-income seniors.

The assistance would provide support for an additional 25,000 seniors, which includes making them eligible for subsidies, and more help for 15,000 elders currently with the program.

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