Letter to the Editor: It’s time for fiscal responsibility

As reported in the Item, the Lynn city councilors and mayor are looking to hire a new personnel director to negotiate new contracts with the city unions.

Let me say now I am willing to do that job for a salary that is 20 percent less than the current salary. My two main qualifications are that I understand fiscal responsibility (don’t spend more than you have), and I am not afraid to speak truth to power.

I will explain to the unions that the city is in a deep financial hole that was dug by the unions together with the previous and current mayors and councilors.

Therefore, the unions need to start giving back.

A 10 percent reduction in all salaries over $50,000 and a 20 percent reduction in all salaries over $100,000 would be a good start together with a spending freeze, hiring freeze, and reducing the number of employees by attrition.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the wages and benefits of state and local government employees are now 47 percent higher than private-sector employees. In 2016, taxpayers paid almost two trillion dollars for all government employees, which comes to about $15,000 per household. Lynn residents, together with all other Americans, need to know these facts.

After reading in the Item that the Lynn mayor and police chief want to hire 20 more cops, it seems that they are the only two people in this state who are unaware of the fact that cannabis, aka weed, is now legal. That fact means that the police are no longer authorized to arrest millions of residents just because they prefer natural medicines produced by green plants over the expensive and often dangerous synthetics produced by Big Pharma or they may simply prefer weed over wine.

In other words, restoring some freedom to the former land of the free means a lot fewer police and prisons are needed.

Richard G. Eramian

Lynn email: Freedom_First@verizon.net

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