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Revere author buys into Boston pop culture with new book

Buy Me Boston Golden Banana

When the Golden Banana strip club opened on Route 1 in Peabody in 1975, it initially featured show bands, as this ad from Night Life magazine indicates.

(Photo by David Bieber Archives)

Buy Me Boston Saugus

This ad for a rock 'n' roll hair salon in Saugus appeared in the Boston Rock-In fanzine in July 1987.

(Photo by David Bieber Archives)

Buy Me Boston The Who

This ad for a 1969 concert by The Who appeared in Boston After Dark in 1969. Note that the top ticket was priced at $4. When the British band plays Fenway Park this September, one beer will likely cost three times as much.

(Photo by David Bieber Archives)

Buy Me Boston WFNX

This advertisement for WFNX, the former FM radio station based in Lynn's Central Square, appeared in the Boston Phoenix in 1985.

(Photo by David Bieber Archives)

Buy Me Boston

(Photo by Brian Coleman)

Buy Me Boston Brian Coleman

Brian Coleman, curator of "Buy Me, Boston," poses with the classic sign from Boston's long-gone music club, The Rat.

(Photo by Margot Edwards)

Buy Me Boston Brian Coleman 2

Brian Colemean

(Photo by Mary Galli)
REVERE — Brian Coleman, considered by many to be America’s top hip-hop historian/journalist, has a new book out. But instead of zeroing in on classic rap albums this time, the Revere resident sets his sights on classic advertisements from local newspapers and magazines. Coleman calls himself the curator of “Buy Me, Boston,” a self-published visual…

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