Letter to the Editor: In praise of an artist

A fellow ocean edge walker and pioneer muralist, Yetti Frenkel, like great rhyming poet Ray Whittier, is an artist who has enjoyed Lynn as a forum to show off their exquisite talent.

Yetti was the second muralist (first being the one who painted murals on the walls inside the Willow Street post office) to paint the wondrous murals in the Lynn library’s children’s room, and others in the Swampscott Library.

She also created a tall mural with depth and awe-inspiring beauty and a social bent in East Boston. Her masterpiece and still simply the best is an almost four-dimensional mural Yetti created on the Central Square side of the Lynn Arts Building across from Raw Arts.

Yetti is a master of realism. Her figures bend, prance, and soar out of the canvas. She brought public art to Lynn and paved the way as a woman, as an artist, as a book artist, as an inspiration to Raw Arts and Beyond Walls.

Neil R. Barry


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