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Swampscott extends contracts of treasurer, clerk and Public Works director

SWAMPSCOTT — The town’s treasurer, town clerk, and Department of Public Works director will stay in their positions for at least three more years.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted to extend each of their contracts at Wednesday night’s meeting. DPW Director/Assistant Town Administrator for Operations Gino Cresta, Town Clerk Sue Duplin, and Town Treasurer/Assistant Town Administrator for Administration and Finance Ronald Mendes were met with high praise from the board before the vote took place.

“You all reflect the kind of service that Swampscott can be proud of,” said Town Administrator Sean Fitzgerald. “The teamwork and collaboration of the three of you is respected by your colleagues and everyone in town.”

Board of Selectmen Chair Peter Spellios said the approval of each of their contract extensions was a “no brainer” and his fellow selectmen all agreed that was an understatement. Selectman Laura Spathanas said their work ethic, knowledge, and day-to-day services are highly appreciated.

Cresta, with a current salary of $115,000, said he has worked for the town for 15 years. Fitzgerald said Cresta holds a care and concern for every person that comes across him and Spellios said the DPW director has a way of making everything look easy.

“Not everyone can say they wake up in the morning and enjoy what they do,” said Cresta. “But I do.”

Duplin has served as Swampscott’s town clerk for 11 years and currently has a salary of $71,000. She said it is an honor and a privilege to serve the town and she takes pride in the work that she does.

“You are the most forward facing employee out of everyone,” Spellios told Duplin. “You are the face of the town and serve as such a positive and influential ambassador of Swampscott.”

With a current salary of $104,000, Mendes joined the town’s administration five years ago. Fitzgerald called him a virtual and indispensable help and said he has generated changes that make for a more sustainable future for Swampscott. Spellios said Mendes continuously challenges him and makes him learn.

“You (Mendes) are committed to what you do,” said Spellios. “That is not something you can learn, that’s just who you are.”

Fitzgerald said the terms and conditions of each of their contract extensions are not yet finalized.

“I’m pleased you’re staying for additional years and I still don’t know how we have been able to keep you around for this long,” said Selectman Naomi Dreeben. “Each of you is valuable.”

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