Letter to the editor: Thank you, Item Santa

It’s been over six years since I have read our local Lynn newspaper but recently I started reading The Daily Item again.

While reading the paper, I saw the Item Santa is still helping many families in Lynn. It reminded me of the time the Item Santa helped me many years ago. In 2013, while I was incarcerated awaiting trial, I wanted to find a way to send Christmas gifts to my daughters. I knew how difficult Christmas would be for my kids and their mothers because I was not home.  So I decided to call a family member for information in contacting the Item Santa. When we found the contact information, we noticed I was too late to ask for any assistance from them. Although I missed the deadline, I decided to write them anyways. I was afraid they would not want to help me get gifts for my kids because I missed the deadline and because I was incarcerated. I knew there is a stigma about people behind bars and plus my case was featured in The Daily Item, so it made me wary.

But I was wrong; the Item Santa promptly wrote me back willing to help. They did not pass any judgement on me and personally delivered presents to my kids. I was so thankful for them. We even exchanged Christmas cards through the mail. Through our rough time the Item Santa made me and my family feel like there are people who care, no matter your situation. It has been over six years and I am still fighting my case to get home to my family. To read The Item again has brought me joy to see pictures of my hometown that I miss oh so much.

Although it has been some years now I would like to say “thank you” to The Daily Item and Item Santa.

Peter Bin

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