Letter to the editor: Let’s privatize Inspectional Services

The problems at Lynn’s Inspectional Services Department that were recently reported in the Item (Dec. 29) present a huge opportunity to move the city in a new and better direction.

Instead of throwing more taxpayer money at the problem and forcing contractors to wait in longer lines, privatize all inspectional services. Don’t allow politicians to manage privately-owned buildings and let the free market provide inspection services.

For example, banks and other financial institutions that lend money to builders should supply their own inspectors. Since it is their money that is at risk, they have the most incentive to protect their investments.

Likewise, politicians and city hall departments are not needed to deal with any disputes that may arise between contractors and their clients.

That is a job for courts or private arbitration services.

How do the lenders and owners of mortgages protect themselves from rare or unforseen events and disasters? Private insurance companies provide those services. It is up to the insurer, not politicians, to make the calculations concerning the likelihood of disasters such as fire, theft, hurricane, flood, etc.

What about the person who buys a home and pays for it without borrowing any money? He would be free to purchase any inspection service that he wants. In a free market, all are free to buy or not buy as much protection as they want. The current policy of forcing everyone to pay for protection that they may not want is not protection. It is a protection racket and a denial of private property rights.

Forcing taxpayers to be responsible for all building inspections is a policy of collectivism which is just another word for communism. It is a denial of personal responsibility and a denial of the individual right to choose and say no.

This situation is an opportunity to help the construction industry by reducing or eliminating the current mountain of red tape, fees, and permits.

No one should need permission in order to earn an honest living. Hopefully, some of the politicians who claim to support business, free enterprise, private property, and the overburdened taxpayers will step forward.

Richard G. Eramian  


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