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Item santa: Christmas might be over, but people still could use your help.

Christmas may be over but that does not mean those struggling financially are in the clear.

Item Santa letters are still trickling in with families asking for help now that it’s the end of the month and bills are due.

One mother wrote that the revenue coming in from her social security is not enough to pay $1,850 a month in rent, the car insurance, and the electricity bill, all while making sure there is enough food on the table for her family. All she wants is to provide for her seven-year-old daughter.

Her husband works in real estate, meaning the only income he brings in is commission-based, and business during the month of December was slow.

“Sometimes he doesn’t even get paid,” she wrote.

Another mother wrote in asking for financial help for her four children, stating she does not get paid enough to fulfill their everyday needs. She said she would give everything she has for her children.

“I want to show them I care but I barely have the time or money to do it.”

Now in its 52nd year, the Item Santa fund helps to make Christmas brighter for those in need. To donate, clip the coupon in The Item and mail it, along with your check, to The Item Salvation Army Santa, P.O. Box 5, Lynn, MA 01903.

All donations are listed in The Item print editions, along with a brief message from each donor, if desired.

Donations can be made online at

Those interested in signing up to collect at Santa Island or any business willing to sell stockings should call David Solimine Sr. or Joel Solimine at 781-595-1492.

NOTE: The application period for Item Santa help has closed and The Item does not process applicants. All questions about the program and distribution of gifts should be directed to the Salvation Army at 781-598-0673.

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