Dianne Kelly: Reading is the pathway to 2019 goals

As we take a break from our school routines for the next 11 days and anticipate the dawning of the 2019 calendar year, I wonder how many of you are looking to your future and acting in ways that will lead you to your hopes and dreams.  

Hopes and dreams don’t just happen.  Vision, hard work, dedication, persistence, and self-confidence are required to turn hopes and dreams into reality.  You must develop all of these traits to become the person you want to be. The vision must come first because it is toward that vision that you will dedicate your hard work, be persistent in your efforts, and increase your self-confidence as your skill set grows.  

Start by setting a few goals that will move you along the path to your dreams.  Want to be a Scientist? Set a goal to meet with three scientists to learn more about what their work entails.  Want to be a YouTuber? Set a goal to complete a class on effective videography techniques. Want to be an NBA star?  Develop your free-throw skills by practicing every day. No matter what your hopes and dreams entail, it is never too soon to start working toward them.   

The most important thing you can do progress toward achieving your goals is to READ! It doesn’t matter what you read; so read about what interests you or makes you laugh or entertains you.  Randall Bell, who studied what makes people successful for over 25 years, found that “people who read 7 books or more per year are more than 122% more likely to be millionaires, as opposed to those who never read or only read one to three books” per year.  That’s a pretty good reason to read. Enjoy the break from homework, deadlines, and required studying. But use your time productively — set goals that will lead you to your dreams and READ!

Dr. Dianne Kelly is the superintendent of the Revere public schools.

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