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City council appoints Vincent Lozzi to Lynn Water and Sewer Commission

LYNN — The City Council voted to appoint Vincent J. Lozzi Jr. to the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission on Tuesday night, filling a vacancy created when Ward 6 Councilor Peter Capano stepped down from the post last month.

Capano said he will resign from the City Council at the end of the month and will be sworn in as state representative next month. He was elected to the state legislature in November and will represent West Lynn and Nahant.

Vincent J. Lozzi is the brother of Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Lozzi, who recused himself from the otherwise unanimous vote.

Vincent Lozzi, a Lynn English High School graduate, is the owner, president, and CEO of Stacey’s Shade Shop Inc., where he has worked for more than 40 years.

With the new position on the commission, Lozzi will make a stipend of approximately $5,000, according to City Council President Darren Cyr.

“I consider it an honor to serve on the committee,” Vincent Lozzi said. “I think the Water and Sewer Commission has a wonderful role in the community.”

Vincent Lozzi and another candidate, Elyse Fannon, an accountant who works as a grants manager for the Lynn Public Schools, were interviewed by the City Council on Tuesday before the vote.

George Markopoulos, city solicitor, said there was a potential conflict if Fannon were selected to serve on the commission and received a salary from both the Lynn Public Schools and the Water and Sewer Commission, if that latter stipend was derived from the City of Lynn in any way.

Markopoulos said if there was a direct link from the City of Lynn to the Water and Sewer Commission, she would have to forgo her stipend if she were selected to serve on the commission.

It was unclear if the conflict affected the vote.


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