Letter to editor: No vote urged on LCWD proposal

I am a Lynnfield Center Water District customer with 40 years of public water supply experience. I have reviewed closely our ongoing problems with water supply and water quality.

I urge customers of the LCWD to attend the Monday, Dec. 10 special board meeting and vote against the proposal to spend $5.25 million, because the district has proposed this huge expenditure with inadequate design and cost estimates despite repeated requests for such documentation. The district claims through its vetting process, LCWD has identified the treatment plant as the most efficient, cost-effective approach to ensure that customers district-wide enjoy clear water. The public has not seen the technical reports that would support this claim.

I urge ratepayers instead to vote for the customer-supported proposals to finish the studies we have been asking for. These proposals will give you, the people who will be asked to pay for any project, a chance to see what you are paying for. The studies will only take a few months and can be used to approve the right project, with a meaningful cost estimate, and based on known funding sources.

Right now, $5.25 million is too much money on too little information.

Robert Almy


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