Letter to editor: Weighing in on immigration

I couldn’t agree more with the editorials written by Mr. Anthony Amore and Mr. Bill Hudak (Item, Dec. 3). However, Ms. Shields’ editorial suggests she has no idea what her views would do to our country.

It is estimated that we have anywhere from 11-25 million illegal aliens in America. Yes, some work, mostly under the table jobs, and do not

pay taxes. Other illegals are on various forms of welfare, public housing, free medical care to the tune of more than $2 billion each and every


Who pays for this? Why, the American taxpayers, of course. As one of the taxpayers I am so sick and tired of this mindset of the liberals.

There is not one person in this world who is entitled to sneak into America, or overstay their visa and live here. It is not a right of anyone, it is a privilege to be an American. My grandparents understood this and that is why they all immigrated here legally.

We have plenty of poor American citizens who we need to take care of first. Plenty of our great military members are homeless and should be given first priority.

Has Ms. Shields ever visited the Navajo, Hopi or Lakota Sioux reservations? I doubt it, but I have, and I have witnessed first hand the

horrible poverty that these proud American Indians live in daily. Has Ms. Shields visited some of the inner-cities in this country? I am from Detroit, Mich., and witness the extreme poverty everytime I return to my home state.

Yes, it would be wonderful if we had the money and resources to help the entire world, but we do not and never will. Let’s start here in America and make sure every legal American has a job, a roof over their heads and food on the table. If that can be accomplished then we can assist everyone else, but not until we help all Americans first.

Linda K. Peters


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