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Revere: state police continued to search Rumney Marsh, where remains were found

REVERE — State police returned to Rumney Marsh Monday to continue searching where remains were discovered Friday morning that are “likely human,” according to Suffolk County District Attorney spokesman Jake Wark.

“While there are no significant developments at this time, specialized State Police units did return to Rumney Marsh today to continue a search of the discovery site,” said Wark. “This is a standard investigative step under the circumstances, and notable only because the bones were found in an area that becomes flooded at high tide — as a result, the search effort is periodically interrupted for hours at a time and is therefore taking longer than it would on dry land.”

The remains, which appear to be bones, were spotted at the rear of a Northview Terrace residence by hunters Friday morning.

They were taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, which will attempt to determine whether they are, in fact, human and, if so, the cause and manner of the person’s death as investigators undertake identification efforts, said Wark.

Wark could not confirm whether additional remains were discovered Monday afternoon, as reported by other news outlets.

“Without getting into a day-by-day account of the investigation, the ongoing search effort has been productive,” he said. “I should probably reiterate that, while the bones are likely human and the area is being treated as a potential crime scene, pathologists have not made any determinations as to cause or manner of death.”

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