Letter to Editor: Marblehead’s SPUR says thank you

As we prepare to gather at tables with family and friends, reflecting on what we have, missing those we’ve lost and celebrating what is to come — I am moved by our four years of work together as a Community of Doers. Thank you for giving and impacting the lives of many through SPUR.

Neighbors in our own communities wake up to truths others may not realize cross the doorstep so close to home. Thank you for giving your time and financial support which has allowed SPUR to move forward, making a tangible impact where we live. Cleaning beaches, serving meals, meeting needs, empowering youth, engaging seniors and more.

Thank you for enabling us to build programs that provide a platform for individuals of all ages to

engage in meaningful community service and learn through service.

To date, in 2018 alone, some highlights of our collective impact include:

– Mobilizing 590 adult volunteers and 230 volunteers under the age of 10

– Engaging 913 households in service and giving

– Distributing 1,414 servings of organic produce from our SPUR Community Roots garden at St. Andrew’s to local food pantries

– Preparing 1,200 servings of fresh food for local homeless shelters

– Providing 575 backpacks full of new school supplies to local children

– Clothing 109 children with new winter jackets

– Hosting 7 enrichment workshops

– Providing 2 seed grants

– and now, working to secure sponsors in order to provide over 500 local recipients with winter essentials and meaningful gifts.

Thank you for giving to help make this possible! SPUR is a thriving Community of Doers, passionate about working together to make tangible differences in our communities. Earlier this year, Marblehead resident Christine Cudihy remarked that “SPUR manifests the best of what humanity can aspire to.”

Looking ahead, as we march toward our fifth year of operation, we have great dreams. Increased service opportunities, deeper relationships with partner organizations and the development of a service learning summer camp to name a few.

Thank you. Thank you for believing in us, partnering with us and for giving. Your generosity of time and of resource brings our dreams of a vigorous, multigenerational Community of Doers to life.

On behalf of our team here at SPUR and those we serve — warm Thanksgiving wishes.

Jocelyn Cook is founder and executive director of SPUR, a community engagement organization located on Anderson Street in Marblehead.


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