Letter to the editor: Raising our voices and freeing our hurts

We are living in such perilous times that I think our words, our conversation, is becoming unbecomingly very judging and very hurtful.

With the passing of James “Whitey” Bulger, I would like to say he helped the poor. I met him many years ago in his store at the rotary in South Boston. I tried to lead him to Christ, but to no avail. He told me he read the Bible and that he robbed banks and asked why wouldn’t I go out with him?

He has a family and I offer my condolences to them and to his girlfriend.

I have different thoughts regarding Robert De Niro and what he had to say about President Trump. No one really thinks our words can be used to tear down or lift up a person. There used to be a saying, “If you can’t say something good about someone, it’s best to say nothing at all.”

In other words, maintain a holy silence and pray.

I believe we should educate our children and ourselves to prevent abuse and to report it right away. Everything today is out in the open: if someone is being inappropriate, you know it, they know it. We should tell them off and report it. Stuffing hurts can create emotional trauma. Go get help.


Josephine Russo


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