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Question 3: some say to vote no

I am voting no on Question 3, because the Massachusetts Bathroom and Locker room Law needs to be repealed.  

This dangerous law prohibits businesses from protecting women and women from protecting themselves from convicted sex offenders in women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms and fitting rooms.  

Attempts to have predators removed from these spaces can result in businesses and women being fined up to $50,000 and up to a year in jail, if the assailant decides to file a gender discrimination complaint against her or the business.  

I feel that my safety as well as the safety of other women, children and vulnerable minorities is at risk because the Bathroom and Locker Room Law was poorly written and has too many loopholes. There are dozens of cases where this has happened in Massachusetts and the U.S.  As reported by ABC news, there was one such instance of abuse of the law in a TJ Maxx restroom in Plainville. When the victim asked staff to call police they said “no” because of store policy. Security tapes revealed he was in the restroom for over 30 minutes, staff could do nothing, and he may have taped multiple women.  

You can watch the coverage of this news story at: bit.ly/ABC-TJMaxx

Businesses are also affected, like a female spa owner who faced a legal discrimination suit for declining to wax the genitals of a man identifying as a woman. No law should force a woman to touch a man’s genital area, and she shouldn’t be forced to choose between her livelihood and touching the genitals of someone she doesn’t want to touch.

The Massachusetts Legislature passed a law that goes too far, even refusing to include a provision to exclude convicted sex offenders from hurting people. The Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bathroom and Locker Room Law needs to be repealed, so that the legislature can make a better law that protects everyone.  

That is why I will be voting NO ON BALLOT QUESTION 3 this November, and so should you.

Debby Dugan is the mother of two daughters and one son and grandmother to six grandchildren. She is chairwoman of the Keep MA Safe – No On 3 campaign.

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