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Firefighters respond to Saugus house fire

SAUGUS — Firefighters extinguished a blaze in a home at 76 Lincoln Ave. Sunday morning.

“The fire was in the attic — an unoccupied apartment,” said Deputy Fire Chief Tom D’Eon. “The arriving companies had smoke showing out the front window. They did an aggressive attack with a hose line. They put it up the interior stairs and put the fire out. It was a great save — they were able to save the house.”

A second-floor occupant was alerted to the sound of a fire alarm going off upstairs, said D’Eon. He went up to the vacant attic apartment, found smoke, closed the doors and exited the house with his family, which includes a baby.

As the occupant was calling for help around 10:15 a.m., D’Eon said, people driving by were also reporting smoke from the home. Nobody was inside when firefighters arrived.

The property is a three-unit home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, valued at $535,500, according to Patriot Properties.

“We used about 300 gallons of water to put the fire out,” said D’Eon. “It actually minimized the damage to the house. They did an excellent job. It was a great stop. They caught the fire just in time before it could take hold of the entire third floor and they saved the house. I can’t say enough about how well they did knocking the fire down.”

D’Eon commended Capt. Scott Phelan, Lt. Eric Hansen, Lt. Chris Pozark, and their crews for their strategic take-down of the fire.

“They did a great job — they do a great job every day they’re out there,” said D’Eon. “All the training they do and the dedication they have shows.”


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