Letter to the editor: Palfrey for lieutenant governor

I am writing to express my support for Quentin Palfrey, a Democrat who is running for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. I believe Palfrey is the best choice and would serve the people of Lynn.

Palfrey has a strong record of qualifications, including serving as chief of the health care division of the state Attorney General’s office. He was also a presidential advisor on jobs and competitiveness.

Through his career, he has been a leader in fighting poverty and inequality, and it is more important now than ever for Massachusetts to be a progressive leader.

I know Quentin cares about families and will fight for the right policies, including an economy that creates opportunities for all Massachusetts residents; fixing our broken criminal justice system; making Massachusetts a leader once again in health care, including moving to a single-payer system; investing in our public schools and infrastructure and addressing climate change.

The lieutenant governor has a critical role to play as a bridge between the governor’s office and cities and towns. As lieutenant governor, Quentin Palfrey would be an ally and advocate for Lynn on issues including education, transportation, the opioid epidemic, and housing.

Join me in voting for him in the Sept. 4 Democratic primary.


Rose Mary Sargent



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