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Marblehead will have a floating harbor hunt on Sunday

MARBLEHEAD — Residents might see pirates floating around Riverhead Beach on Sunday, but they shouldn’t feel alarmed.

A floating harbor hunt will take place at the beach on Sunday as part of a family-friendly event, sponsored by the Marblehead Recreation & Parks Department and SUP East Coast Style, which runs the paddle boards at the beach as part of a summer contract they hold with the town. Residents are invited to enjoy the pirate-themed scavenger hunt as they float along the water from clue to clue.

“They’ll float to three different docks, get a clue, and then earn something pirate-themed that will lead them to the next clue,” said Jaime Bloch, assistant superintendent of the town’s recreation and parks.

Bloch brainstormed with Cristie Broad and Leah Goodman of SUP East Coast Style to generate a number of ideas for a water-themed event that was both kid friendly and fun for all families.

“We wanted to do a fun summer event together, so we threw out a bunch of water ideas and we began to get creative,” said Bloch. “The three of us were just having a little bit of fun.”

Those who register can either bring their own boards, kayaks, or inflatables or rent one at the beach for $10. Inflatable arm swimmies and noodles are not allowed during the event, given participants need to be on something that can hold them fully above water.

“We want people to have fun and feel a sense of community,” said Bloch. “This event is just a way to celebrate summer and it’s such a beautiful waterfront community, so we wanted to do something different.”

Residents can register on the day of the event, which begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m., at $5 per participant. Attendees will be split up into teams of two and all ages are welcome. There are plenty of pirate prizes to be had and pizza will be provided. Those who register can participate in the game or float freely around the water.

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