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Lynn is on display through artists’ eyes with new exhibit

Rickey Schwed, Marblehead and Dr. Eleanor Fisher,Lynn, discuss Fisher’s piece entitled “Red Sky in the Morning”. Schwed was also an artist represented in the show. The exhibition opened at Lynn Arts and was entitled “Lynn, Lynn…” and featured paintings and other media work done in Lynn. (Paula Muller)

LYNN — Even as artists from around the world put the finishing touches on giant murals for Beyond Walls, North Shore artists debuted their impressions of Lynn at an exhibit that opened Friday and runs through Sept. 14.

“Lynn, Lynn…” features 40 artworks on display in LynnArts’ 25 Exchange St. main gallery. They were created by 19 artists, including Maris Prost, who combined bright colors to depict Lynn storefronts like “Nike African Market” and “Caribe” painted at the corner of Hanover and Franklin streets.

“I absolutely love different cultures and I learn from them. You have everything here in Lynn,” Prost said.

Joined by other exhibiting artists, Prost made her way through the exhibit Friday evening as a steady stream of gallery-goers entered to view the artworks, talk to artists, and sample treats like “rainbow Jello” topped with whipped cream.

LynnArts’ curatorial committee had this month’s Beyond Walls mural creation project in mind even back in January when members conceived the “Lynn, Lynn…” exhibit featuring artistic interpretations of Lynn simultaneously with the creation of public art on downtown buildings.

Launched two weeks ago for the second year in a row, Beyond Walls culminates today with a parade along the mural route.

“I have people, even artists, say, ‘I haven’t been to this gallery.’ Beyond brings people into this space and Lynn is so friendly,” said curatorial committee chairwoman and Lynn resident Annette Sykes.

Loosely arranged into themes reflecting Lynn Woods, downtown, Lynn Shore Drive and even “Monotowampate” — artist Leo F. Rudokas’ profile in wood of the chief whose people once lived on Sagamore Hill — “Lynn, Lynn…” offers artistic interpretations of the city as seen at different times of the day and different seasons.

Marblehead Arts Association artist member Rickey Schwed’s “Red Rock Tide Pool” has the hazy feel of an August day while Sykes’ “Deer Cove, Lynn, MA” and Nicole Werth’s “Winter at Red Rock” take the viewer into different seasons.

“The exhibit and its timing with Beyond allows you to get a glimpse into Lynn from private spaces to the history of the city, to parks, gardens, the Woods, and the beach. It’s multiple interpretations of the same space,” Schwed said.

In addition to Prost, several of the exhibited artists are familiar to Lynn residents, including painter Barry Ridlon and Yetti Frenkel.

Marblehead Arts Peoples’ Choice winner Dr. Eleanor Fisher brought two of her works combining smashed glass and paint to the exhibit.

The paintings are for sale with prices ranging from $50 to $5,000. The exhibit is open for viewing on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment via the Lynn Museum website.

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