Letter to the editor: Abolish property taxes

Everybody, except unprincipled and dumb politicians, knows that when expenses exceed income, the correct solution is to cut spending. This fact is common sense. All responsible parents teach this fact of life to their children. It is not necessary and a complete waste of money for the Lynn mayor and councilors to hire a chief financial officer to explain this simple fact.

The ever increasing property tax is forcing more and more people out of their homes. Why? Because many homeowners cannot afford to pay for the ever increasing number of city employees with their generous salaries, Cadillac health benefits, and million dollar pensions.

The only real solution is to reduce the number of tax-funded employees and abolish all

government pensions. If Social Security is good enough for the taxpayers, it should be good enough for their so-called servants. Likewise, there needs to be a cap on salaries. No city employee should be paid more than $50,000 because there are plenty of taxpayers who would

gladly take those jobs.

Instead of exercising fiscal responsibility, the city fathers and mother have chosen financial insanity. They borrow money that can’t be paid back, raise taxes and hire more city employees which will bankrupt more taxpayers. It’s like parasites thriving by killing their host. What is

the cause of this insanity? Democracy and greed.

The mayor and councilors are owned by the city unions because those unions form the

largest voting block. City employees have a death grip on the taxpayers and no politician will stand up to them because their top priority is to be elected and re-elected.

Government workers and their dependents always vote for more taxes because they don’t pay any. They are tax consumers, not payers. This fatal flaw in democracy has been known from the beginning. Likewise, the solution is also well-known. All those who live at taxpayers’ expense should not be allowed to vote.

In fact, our founders described a democracy as two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch, which is why they rejected democracy and formed a republic. (Trigger warning for snowflakes). They described a republic as a well-armed lamb contesting that vote.

In order to restore real home ownership and end the systemic corruption of politicians buying votes with taxpayers’ money, the property tax on homeowners needs to abolished. This can be done by privatizing all city services such as police, fire, and education. Everyone will be free to buy all the safety and other services that they want using their own money. The evil of taxing people out of their own homes will be ended.

Richard G. Eramian


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