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Lynn burglary suspect jumps through window and ambulance attempting to flee from police

LYNN — A burglary suspect attempted to flee from police by jumping through a window and later out of an ambulance, causing minor injuries to himself and three officers.

Brian Redondo, 24, of Lynn, was caught in the act after breaking and entering into a residence at 348 Essex Street, according to Lt. Michael Kmiec. The homeowner contacted police after she saw a man she didn’t know rummaging through her home on her surveillance camera.

Police responded to the scene just before noon and, in an attempt to escape, Redondo jumped through the window and broke the glass. The officers struggled to get hold of the suspect and were able to get him into an ambulance so his minor injuries could be tended to by medics.

While being treated inside the ambulance, Redondo broke free and attempted to flee from police for a second time. Officers caught up to Redondo and took him into custody. At least three Lynn Police officers suffered minor injuries during the struggle, according to Kmiec.

Redondo was charged with breaking and entering daytime for felony, resisting arrest, wanton destruction of property under $1,200, disorderly conduct, and aiding to escape from officers. He also had warrant charges of four counts of unarmed robbery, home invasion, and possession with intent to distribute drugs.

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