Letter to the editor: ‘Fake’ News is Real

Friends in Lynn have asked me why I don’t write any more letters to the Item and I tell them it’s because they won’t print them. I’ve also asked for interviews off and on over the years and always got turned down.

I suspect that the reason for this is that they are not only arrogant, don’t want to hear negativity about Utopia Lynn and are a part of the commie dem gang that has run the state for 40 years. The commie dems love illegals more than veterans and are legalized robbers of money and rights. They hate Russia for giving up on communism, opposing gay rights, mass immigration to further subsidize welfare, lower wages and increase dem membership.

Commie dems disrupt legal rallies of anyone they disagree with denying first amendment rights of the truthful. They should be beaten, tased, arrested and deported to Mecca or Antarctica. They should stop what they’re doing and support the best president since Washington.

The commie dems do have one thing in common with the warmongers in that they want perpetual war. The Saudis and Israelis are our “friends” because we pay them to be. It’s the same with Afghan drug lords. Peace and friendly relations with Russia would mean less need for bullets, bombs, aircraft, tanks, ships, and more to reduce the national debt, for schools, bridges, etc.

President Putin opposes the globalist agenda for a socialist N.W.O. in which billionaires instead of nations make decisions and the little sheeplike people vote. They definitely don’t want peaceful relations and to admit our 65-year-long history of interference in other folks’ elections — often with tragic wars as in Vietnam and Iraq.

Will the Item dare publish this?


—Fred Peck, Lynn, AZ and ME

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