Lynn MBTA parking garage drops its price from $4 to $2

(Spenser Hasak)

LYNN — Getting residents to ride the Lynn commuter rail might be an easier task now that the MBTA cut its parking garage rates in half.

In June, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s governing board voted in favor of boosting weekday parking rates at 32 lots, lowering them at 21 stations, and keeping them unchanged at 46 stations, according to the Associated Press. Lynn’s parking garage was one of the stations granted a rate cut, changing from $4 to $2 Monday through Sunday.

Parking areas that are busier saw a large price increase, some up $10 a day, while lots with less use were granted a rate decrease, such as the Lynn commuter rail garage. Even though many have been increased during the work week, most stations had their rates cut for weekend use.

The rate changes will go into effect Sept. 1. The MBTA believes the changes will help with its long-term goal of raising $8.5 million per fiscal year.

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