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Sprout Scouts teach Lynn’s Ingalls Elementary kids the path to a healthy lifestyle

LYNN — Finding ways to get kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle may not always be so easy, which is where Sprout Scouts comes in.

The club, which is part of FoodCorps, teaches students how to grow, prepare, and eat healthy food. The activities within the club are linked to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and are made for after-school programs, summer camps, and classrooms.

The third-graders at Ingalls Elementary School spent the last school year digging through compost, growing beans, and cooking fun healthy foods, says a press release.

Over the winter, 14 of those third-graders spent eight weeks participating in the Master Chef Cooking Club after school. They held a homemade salad dressing competition, learned how to make pico de gallo, and even learned all about the Native American tradition of planting. The students graduated from the club with their very own cookbook filled with recipes they cooked during their time together.

Salad Days is meant to give students “an authentic seed to fork experience,” by having them harvest, wash, and eat their own homemade salads. Ingalls is one of nine elementary schools throughout the city that participates in Salad Days.

Sprout Scouts thanked the school for being so supportive in their efforts to teach kids how to live a healthy lifestyle and they hope more schools can join in on the fun.

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