Shriners members raising money at Saugus Stop & Shop for international kids with treatment needs

SAUGUS — Shriners members are raising money for an international effort of getting kids in need of treatment to the best hospitals in Boston.

The members will be fundraising at the Stop & Shop on Broadway from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. They are working in cooperation with Michael Iandolo, the supermarket’s manager, and Maria Riley, a Lynn representative for the deli meat supplier Boar’s Head, in hopes of raising enough money to bring kids from all over the world to the Shriners’ facilities in Boston and Springfield.

“We bring children from every part of world, many of them from Santo Domingo, for treatment of severe burns and orthopedic work,” said Leon Golden, the transportation fundraising coordinator for North Shore Shrine Club.

Golden and his 41 volunteers spread themselves across the North Shore at various supermarkets and grocery stores in hopes of raising enough money to transport these children and their families from their homes in foreign countries to the treatment facilities. There are 20 hospitals partnered with the organization to help these kids, many of whom otherwise wouldn’t be getting the treatment they are in dire need of.

The donation collection has been going on for roughly 28 years, according to Golden. If residents aren’t able to donate when they see members out in public, he asks that they consider volunteering their time to help collect donations.

“Our motto is that care is provided, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay,” said Golden. “We do more for kids and families than any other charity in the world.”


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