LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Two random taxing thoughts

A tax by any other name, i.e., the city trash fee, is still a tax. It seems innately wrong to pay twice for the same service. What’s next? A school fee, police fee, fire fee, public works fee? Before the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission was established, sewer billing was included in our real estate tax bills. Once the commission started issuing the sewer bills, they were no longer tax deductible.

Maybe the city should create a gambling commission and start selling scratch tickets and keep that money in Lynn.

The Lynn ferry was last seen entering a fog bank in the harbor and has not been seen since.

The Blue Line to Lynn is running on a very late schedule.

The city should pick up the rental bikes around town and charge the rental company a $100 retrieval fee and cite them for littering.


Philip J. Randazzo


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