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Dominican national wanted for the 2010 murder of his wife is arrested in Lynn

LYNN — A man wanted for the 2010 killing and dismemberment of his wife in the Dominican Republic was arrested on Thursday in Lynn.

Daniel Emilio Frias Segura, a Dominican national and fugitive for eight years, appeared in federal court in Boston Thursday — an arrest warrant charging him with his wife’s murder was issued in April 2010, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler issued a warrant for his arrest on Wednesday and he was apprehended the following day in Lynn by U.S. Marshals with the assistance of Massachusetts State and Lynn Police, prosecutors said.

During his appearance in court on Thursday, Frias Segura was ordered held until he could be extradited to the Dominican Republic to face the charges.

According to Dominican authorities, someone sailing on the Haina River in the Dominican Republic on April 1, 2010 saw the torso of a woman floating in the river. The person reported the incident to Dominican law enforcement and a day later, the woman’s decapitated head was found inside two black plastic bags. On April 3, the woman’s legs and left arm were found along the Haina River, prosecutors said.

On April 3, an autopsy report concluded that the woman had been strangled to death and was subsequently decapitated and dismembered, prosecutors said.

An investigation by Dominican authorities found that on March 31 during the afternoon, a merchant and his employee were driving along a freeway when a young woman jumped out of a vehicle stopped in front of them. She ran toward the merchant’s vehicle, screaming that someone wanted to kill her and sought refuge in the backseat of the merchant’s vehicle.

But a man came out of the vehicle the woman had been in and violently removed her from the merchant’s vehicle, while waving a gun and threatening the merchant and his employee. He told them the woman was his wife and they should not get involved, prosecutors said.

The merchant and the employee each identified Frias Segura as the person claiming to be the victim’s husband. The next day, her torso was spotted in the river, prosecutors said.

Frias Segura left the Dominican Republic for Puerto Rico the day after his wife’s torso had been spotted. A law enforcement investigation revealed that Frias Segura had been living in Lynn, prosecutors said.

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