One-stop shopping at North Shore Community College: GED+college credits=jobs

Members of the Wellspring House Completion course at North Shore Community College. From left to right: Kareyslla Oliveria, Nayanne Alves DeBrito, Veronika Kalantzi, Desiree Marte, Sameh Bousrih, Quendia Martinez, Rajaa Sahraoui, Susan Darosa, Jean Ndahunga. Child is Tasneem Bousrih. (Owen O'Rourke)
LYNN — A dozen students were honored Thursday evening after completing a 12-week program designed to jumpstart their careers. The recipients all had work experience in their home countries, but lacked the certifications to translate that experience into jobs in the United States. Circumstances such as that are some of the many that can prevent…

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