Letter to the editor: No more fireworks!

I am writing in response to the letter saying fireworks should be legal in Massachusetts. Each year in my neighborhood fireworks go off from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I have actually thought maybe they are legal.

There is more to it than making them legal, like what kind and where they can be set off. The houses in the neighborhood are all close together. I can hear them land on the roof. There are burn marks on the attic ceiling where fireworks have landed before I moved in.

My cat gets scared and hides for hours after they go off. I want to do the same when I hear them land on the roof. If they were legal, they would be going off more and more in the city where apartments and houses are close together. I think the firefighters are busy enough.

If they were legal, they’d have to be “set off” by the beach or in open fields, or at least make the ones that soar upward illegal.


Nancy McGrath, Lynn

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