Lois Lane has been singing at Red Rock Par for over 30 years and she will be singing there on July 3rd. (Owen O'Rourke)
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Lois Lane celebrates 38 years of performing as she and the band prepare for annual July 3rd performance

LYNN -- Before they became Lois Lane and The Daily Planets almost four decades ago, they were nearly Lois Lane and the Clark Kents.

The band has been performing in Lynn since 1980. They most notably became part of the  Red Rock Park summer concerts 14 years ago. Lane, who prefers to use her stage name on an everyday basis, has been using the Superman fictional character's name since she was a child. When trying to start a band of her own, she wanted to keep the spirit of her favorite hero's story alive.

"I've always been called Lois Lane, since Lois is my middle name," she said. "I think there's some kind of a magic to it because whenever you hear that name it makes people smile."

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