Revere seniors can apply for a property tax exemption

REVERE — Senior resident property owners have until April of next year to apply for an exemption that could save them about $480 on property taxes.

“A program like this can provide a measure of assistance,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo in a statement.

The exemption will help seniors who meet strict residential and financial criteria and are on a fixed income with the burden of rising costs of groceries, medical care, heating bills, and real estate taxes, he said.

Voters overwhelmingly supported a tax exemption program in a November 2017 municipal election. More than 4,500 voted in favor of the program and almost 1,400 voted against it.

The exemption amount will be determined in December and will equal 10 percent of the average assessed value of all properties for Fiscal Year 2019. Using the residential property tax base from Fiscal Year 2018 as an example, the exemption amount is projected to be about $480.

To qualify, residents must be 65 or older as of July 1, use their Revere property as their primary home, and must have owned the property as a principle domicile for at least five years.

Applicants whose income exceeded $57,000 in 2017 are not eligible for the exemption.

The form can be obtained at Revere City Hall in the Mayor’s  office and the Assessor’s office. It is also available on the city’s website.

The mayor’s office will conduct application training workshops on July 12 and July 19 at 11 a.m. at the Senior Center on Winthrop Avenue. Applications will also be made available at the workshops.

Arrigo said he is optimistic that the senior exemption program will serve as a pilot program for an owner-resident exemption that can expand city-wide.

Additionally, the city is accepting applications on July 1 for a senior citizen work-off abatement program for Fiscal Year 2019. The program allows 50 seniors to work for a $750 property tax abatement, and an additional 50 to work for a $500 water bill credit.

Seniors can work in various city departments for 68 hours for the property tax abatement or 45.5 hours for water bill credits.

“The work-off abatement helps provide a break for residents that need it most,” said Arrigo. “I understand this program is a modest relief.”

To qualify for the program, residents must be 60 or older, be an assessed property owner, and cannot have an annual income that exceeds $45,000. Married applicants cannot exceed $55,000 in annual salary.

If more than 100 people apply for the program, participants will be chosen by lottery on Aug. 21.

Applications will be available at both the mayor’s and assessor’s offices and online on July 2.

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