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An influx of overdoses occur in Lynn over a 3-hour timespan. One overdose was fatal.

LYNN — There were at least four overdoses, one of them fatal, within a three-hour timespan Tuesday afternoon, police say.

The first overdose was at 12:09 p.m. and the fourth came in around 3:13 p.m., with the other two very close in between, according to Lt. Michael Kmiec of the Lynn police. The three non fatal overdoses were resolved when the individuals either came to on their own or were revived by Narcan.

“Normally when you get a large amount in a small period of time, usually it’s from the same supply,” said Kmiec. “It could be fentanyl or more pure heroin, which is just as lethal, that might be causing the overdoses.”

Lynn detectives and the Drug Task Force were told about the influx of overdoses in a short timespan and now their goal is to follow up and find the drug supplier.

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