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A trip to the movies saves mother and daughter from a car that crashed into their apartment

Car crashes into apartment building

This car smashed through the apartment complex at 5 Oakwood Ave. in Lynn.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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Car crashes into apartment building

Maureen Baker with her grandchild, who would have been sitting on the coach where the car smashed through the wall a 5 Oakwood Ave. in Lynn.

(Photo by Owen O'Rourke)

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LYNN — There was significant damage, but no injuries, after a neighbor crashed her car into an Oakwood Avenue apartment building on Monday.

Sasha Williams, the resident who lives in the destroyed apartment with her two small children, was at the movies with her 6-year-old daughter at the time of the crash. Williams’ grandfather Harry Thomas, who is also the superintendent of the apartment complex, was watching Williams’ 6-month-old son with Maureen Baker.

“They sit right there every day at this time but thankfully Sasha brought her daughter to the movie and we had the baby,” said Baker.

Lynn Police were on the scene investigating the crash late Monday afternoon.

“The three of them are usually right there watching kid movies, right where the car hit,” said Thomas. “They could’ve gotten killed.”

The unidentified driver also caused significant damage to a car owned by Giselle Duran, who has lived in the Oakwood Avenue apartments for four years.

“I feel bad because it’s material things, but it’s going to be a lot of work to fix it,” said Duran. “I’m just grateful no one got hurt.”

Marty Cooksy, another resident of the Oakwood Avenue apartments, said he looked out his window as the driver backed into Williams’ apartment.

“She bounced off that silver car which was parked in front of the building and then went straight into the apartment” said Cooksy.

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