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40 tires are slashed at trucking company in Peabody

Slashed truck tires from the incident in Peabody. (Owen O'Rourke)

PEABODY– The owner from a trucking company got an alarming call Sunday when he learned 40 tires on the trucks on the company’s property were slashed.

The incident occurred at O.B. Trucking located on Farm Avenue. The report was made Sunday, June 10 at 8:30 a.m., according to Peabody Police.

Owner Oscar Burgos said he heard about the damage when a neighbor called him.

“We are fearful for our safety,” said Francisco Burgos, the owner’s brother.

The brake lines of some of the vehicles were also cut, according to Francisco.

“My brother and his team are very experienced drivers so they check the vehicle before they drive,” he said.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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