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Beware of brown water: Peabody is flushing water mains

PEABODY — Residents in town should be prepared to see a little color in their tap water this month. The Peabody Fire Department will flush fire hydrants in Ward 4 Precinct 3 and Ward 3 Precinct 2 throughout the month of June.

The fire department’s annual flushing program removes sediment collecting in the pipes. That process means residents could see some temporary discoloration or silt in their tap water. The solution is to run your tap until the water is clear.

The fire department prefers to stick to an annual flushing because it makes the process “quick and easy,” according to Peabody Fire Department Deputy Chief Richard Nelson.

“The longer you wait the more sediment collects,” he said.

Residents should not drink discolored water or assume it’s safe to use until it runs clear or speaking with the city water department.

The hydrant flushing is not connected to trouble with foul-smelling water that plagued households in West Peabody earlier this year, Nelson said.

Beyond the main flushing, there’s some good water-related news in town. Peabody may not have to ban outdoor water use this summer, according to Nelson. The city had a ban in place the last two years due to a lack of rain.

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