St. Mary’s 2018 graduates look to the future after thunderous commencement

(Owen O'Rourke)

LYNN — The 91 St. Mary’s High School graduates received thunderous applause from faculty, officials, parents, and friends as they entered Lynn Memorial Auditorium to celebrate the Class of 2018 commencement Thursday night.

Mary Delaney, interim head of school, welcomed graduates, including a dozen who made the National Honor Society.

“We stand in solidarity with you … share in your joy, and look forward to hearing your many stories of continued success,” she said. “May your life be illuminated with love, fun, clarity, vision, purpose, close friends, faith and compassion … and remember, no matter where life takes you in best and worst of times, you will always have a friend 35 Tremont St.”

John Patrick Carroll, salutatorian, who will attend Emmanuel College in the fall, said not all heroes wear capes.

“Some of them wear St. Mary’s uniforms,” he said. “To all of the students who have been here since the inaugural sixth grade, I congratulate you for all of your hard work … surround yourself with people who make you smile, go to places that make you never want to come home, do things you genuinely love, and be as positive as you can, because it will make every second count.”

Valedictorian Samantha Renee Saunders, who has been accepted to Providence College, praised the faculty, noting they’re obviously not in it for the money.

“These teachers really deserve credit for sticking it out as long as they have,” she said.

State Rep. Daniel Cahill (D-Lynn) commended the graduates on behalf of the mayor and the Beacon Hill delegation.

“I gave a little bit of advice earlier to a middle school graduation,” he said. “We were created with two ears and one mouth. Why? It’s because we should listen twice as as much as we speak. Those are words to live by, no matter your profession.”

Alumna Ellen O’Connor, a 1963 graduate who serves as treasurer at YouthBuild, a Boston nonprofit that assists at-risk youth, told a story about how she was temporarily held back by a St. Mary’s aptitude test that measured students’ strengths and weaknesses.

“There were eight or nine aptitudes that were tested, but I only remembered the one I got a score of 10 out of 100, which measured mechanical ability,” she said. “When I got the results I was afraid to lock a door for fear I would never be able to open it, or ride a bicycle. I missed out on lots of great stuff because I believed that darn test score and let it affect my life.”

Her advice? Don’t take every bit of feedback as a life sentence. Accept it at face value, as where you are at one moment in time.

“Don’t get distracted by negatives … but build on positives,” O’Connor said.


The full list of St. Mary’s graduates are:

Thoma Andrew Afflitto

Arianna Marie Alberti

Isabel Augeri Ausband

Craig Francis Barrasso

Julia Marie Belliveau

Kyle Mathew Bernardini

Anthony Bono, III

Catherine Cecile Bromery

James Mason Brumfield, Jr.

Aaron Anthony Burris

Rose Jeanne Callahan

John Patrick Carroll

Thomas Edward Cash

Alejandro Castrillon

Jarelie Ayanna Chuy

Mark James Collins

Grace Elizabeth Couillard

Jesse Nicole D’Orsi

Thatiana Davidson

Mykayla Rose DeLuca

Nicole De Souza

Nino B Echevarria

Fidelia Niyah Eleazu

Madeline Janet Faia

Leo Stephen Fama, III

Alexia Vera Finelli

Christopher Fioravanti

Caitlin Mary Foley

Abigail Grace Frary

Julia Samiah Gandolfo

Christopher Garcia

Peter Aristide Garuti

Lauren Caroline Gonzalez

Peter (Zihao) Guo

Owen Charles Harvey

Jared Cole Henkel

Taylor Sue Hogan

Alexandria Nicole Iacoviello

Calvin David Johnson

Nicholas Michael Khouri

Christopher William Kirby

Kimberly Le

Aedan Patrick Leydon

Hongyi (Landis) Lin

Jason Barry Loeser

Mhegana-El Louis-Jean

Eric (Junming) Ma

Kayla Michelle MagWood

Bryanna Marie Mahoney

Mathias Porto Martinez

Joshua Dawson Mateo

Richard Joel Mateo, Jr.

Caitlin Anne Mathers

Brendan Albert McCarthy

Natalia Hart McDonald

Sean Patrick McGuire

Kevin Michael Alexei McMullen

Natalie Rose Mellen

Onias Robinson Mirbel

Meaghan Margaret Murphy

Joseph Anthony Napolitano

Olivia Rachel Nazaire

Anthony Paul Nikolakakis

Maria Christina Nikolakopoulos

Arely Margarita Ochoa Alvarado

Millery Ann Porter

Ariana Prestia

Ryan Christopher Ramsay

Melanie Rincon

Alexis Isabella Rivera

Damicella Rodriguez Cataño

Danny Rodriguez Cataño

Gia Santaniello

Samantha Renee Saunders

Amy-Grace Savia

Nicholas Michael Scalli

Toni Marie Scearbo

Alexis Samantha Schumann

Marlon Emmanuel Scott

Emily Michelle Sparrow

MacKenzie Alyssa Spates

Kurt Alan Spellman

James Augustus Stiros

Leo (Bofang) Tan

Tan (Xuchen) Tan

Matthew Roy Tansey

Cime (Truc) Thi Thanh Trinh

Luis Antony Vidal

James (Zhongdong) Wang

Brenden Corey Willis

Majak Atak Wol

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