A Lynn woman struggles to bring her injured brother home from Georgia

Bryan Sanchez and his son, Bryan Jr.
Bryan Sanchez and his son, Bryan Jr. (Courtesy photo)

Cristina Sanchez is on a mission to bring her brother home.

Bryan Sanchez is lying in intensive care at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Ga., nearly 1,100 miles from his Park Street home in Lynn.

The unemployed construction worker was struck from behind by a car on March 31 while driving a motorcycle. He was enroute to see his 18-month-old son, she said. Police say the motorist took off and he was left for dead.

Sanchez has been in a coma ever since and doctors have told the family he has very little chance of having a normal life.

“We are not giving up and want to get a second opinion from a Boston hospital,” she said. “But his insurance does not cover transporting him.”

The family initially was trying to raise $8,000 to move him to Tufts Medical Center. But they have upped it to $80,000 considering he will eventually need long term care.

So far, their GoFundMe page has raised $3,050. Donations can be made at

“Within a week of the accident, the doctors were in my face telling us my brother has no quality of life, that he will never come out of it and we need to make the decision to let him go,” she said. “But I told them to stop bullying me. If they were telling us this a year from now, that would be one thing, but we haven’t even had time to process this.”

The Gwinnett County Police Department said they have arrested the alleged driver of the SUV that struck Sanchez. Luisa Hernandez, 49, from Norcross, Ga., was charged with felony hit and run and tampering with evidence.

Police said they found pieces of a tail light and window glass near the motorcycle and connected it to a Honda Pilot owned by Hernandez.

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