Ingrid Palacios the Community & Family Services Coordinator for New England Donor Services. (Courtesy Photo)
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Donor Awareness Month ends on a happy note for LeBrasseur, New England Donor Services

LYNN — As April's National Donate Life Month ends, locals with successful donor stories prove that awareness really does help.

At the beginning of the month, Lynner Miranda LeBrasseur used the $2,000 that was raised for her and put up a billboard in the middle of Wyoma Square stating that she is a young mother with blood type O in search of a kidney. The Item shed light on her story, which led to news outlets all over the country picking it up and sharing it as well.

"I am completely overwhelmed with responses from the article in the paper and all the news channel coverage," she said. "I have received well over 200 emails from people either wanting to donate a kidney or just want…

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