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Volunteers will take to downtown Lynn Saturday for a little spring cleaning

LYNN  — After weeks of below average temperatures, spring has finally sprung.

On Saturday, with forecasters predicting it will warm to 61 degrees, downtown residents and volunteers are planning to spend the morning improving the look of the downtown.

Soraya Cacici, a real estate broker and founder of the Lynn Beautification Project, organized the cleanup.

Volunteers are asked to meet in Central Square by the clock, under the train tracks at 9 a.m. So far, 16 people signed up, according to Cacici.

“I think the cleanups are a great thing because when you involve the community and people work together, they become stakeholders,” said Seth Albaum, a member of Downtown Lynn Neighborhood.

While the Department of Public Works street sweeper cleans the downtown on weekdays, illegally parked cars prevent a thorough job, he said.

“It’s not easy for the street sweeper to do a good job because people don’t obey the parking signs,” Albaum said.

Robert Stilian, the city’s acting parking director, said his crew issues $20 tickets to offenders around the clock.

“We enforce the downtown sweeping restrictions 24/7,” he said. “There is someone out there at 4 a.m. tagging.”

In addition to picking up litter, volunteers hope to add flowers to the three island planters at the intersection of Willow and Central streets. Donations are welcome since planters cost from $50-$75.

Following the event, lunch is planned at Nest Forward on Munroe Street to discuss ideas and scheduling for keeping the downtown clean.

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