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The winter’s storms cost Lynn more than just salt

LYNN  —  Consecutive nor’easters last winter did more than deplete the city’s snow removal budget, it tripled the amount of property claims.

Among the damage was a flooded basement on Dona Road that may have been the result of clogged city drain, a tire destroyed by a pothole on Eastern Avenue, and a porch destroyed by a fallen tree on Raddin Street, according to city records.

The city’s Department of Public Works received 34 claims from January through March which could cost the city about $8,500. During the same period one year ago, there were just 11 claims totalling about $2,750.

“That March 2 wind storm really did a number on the trees in Lynn and that’s where many of the claims came from,” said Andrew Hall, Department of Public Works commissioner.

While seven downed trees wreaked havoc on homes and cars, most of the claims stemmed from cars hitting potholes, which accounted for 18 ruined tires.

“The streets wear out as a result of freezing and thawing over and over which create all the potholes,” Hall said.

City Solicitor James Lamanna said the city does not have insurance for such claims. The city has a line item of $20,000 to cover the damages.

Lynn allocated $785,162 for snow removal in the 2018 budget. But by mid March, the city had spent $114,000 over that amount, according to the mayor’s office.

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