Lenardo “Lenny” Clement. (Courtesy photo)

Lynn remembers Lenardo L. Clement a year after his death

One year after Lenardo L. Clement was killed following an Easter Sunday service, his family will honor his memory.

A memorial service will be held on Monday at 3 p.m. on the steps of LynnArts, where he was shot.

"Len navigated the streets of Lynn independently for more than two decades with no fears for his safety," said Muriel Clement, his mother. "For all those years, Len was never harmed by anyone, except for the day he lost his life. Len had many joyous moments at LynnArts, including the celebration of his 40th birthday, so I want to restore those precious memories."

Last April, Clement, 46, his friend Prince Belin, 41, and another female friend, were walking down Lewis Street following services at the Zion Baptist Church. Police said the trio was approached at the intersection of Lewis, Chestnut and Broad streets by William A. Cash, who demanded to speak with the woman. One of the men told Cash the woman did not want to speak with him and Cash drove off, but returned on foot, police said. When Cash called out to the woman and said he wanted to speak to her, Clement then asked Cash to leave her alone, and Cash told Clement to move or he would get shot, according to a witness.

When Clement failed to get out of the way, shots rang out and Clement and Belin stumbled to the steps of the LynnArts building. Belin survived his injuries and the woman was unhurt.

Cash was later captured and is being held without bail.

"It has been a very difficult journey since that fateful day, but one year later I have reached the point of claiming my healing thanks to intense intervention by the Victims Of Crime And Loss," said Muriel Clement. "In addition to publicly remembering my precious child, I want to remember other children who have left us too soon, due to any cause and others who have lost their lives to violence in Lynn."

Following the service, there will be a presentation of a Peace Play by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, and refreshments will be served in the LynnArts Gallery.

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