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This drone video captured Lynn after the blizzard

Most people witnessed last week’s blizzard from the window in their home, but Lynn photographer and artist Isaac Davila decided to look from a different point of view.

Davila fired up his camera-mounted drone and took to the skies, capturing the stillness of Lynn after the city was blanketed in nearly two feet of snow.

“I just wanted to see the city from above in a different light and the best time to see that is while the sun is near the horizon (The Golden Hour),” Davila said. “I love how the sunlight just kisses the tops and sides of the buildings, houses and trees. The snow was a bonus as it completely brought out details in the shadows and I loved how the snow made some of the roads heavily contrasted. I was mostly taking pictures but as the battery of the drone was draining, I decided to do a fly through the city starting at High Rock and ending at the beach before I packed up and left. I don’t know, maybe because I know this will bring a smile to many faces, especially to those who have long left home. I know what it feels like to be far from home and I know it’s different for everyone but for me personally it feels like a sense of incompleteness.

“I want to thank the mystery girl ‘Jackie’ for making her name out of footprints and stamping it with a snow angel at High Rock Tower.”


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Posted by Isaac Davila on Wednesday, March 14, 2018


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