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Lynn DPW chief: ‘It’s a lot of snow’

LYNN — As the North Shore continues to get hammered by the blizzard, Lynn Department of Public Works commissioner Andrew Hall said the city is in pretty good shape in terms of crews keeping up with the storm.

“It’s a lot of snow,” said Hall. “We’re expecting almost 20 inches of snow so we have all the pieces out there.”

By 5 p.m. Tuesday, about a foot of snow had been dumped in Lynn. Hall said he expected another seven inches to fall before the storm tapers off in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

The challenge with this storm, he said, has been that the snow is spread out over 24 hours — long duration storms are challenging for everyone, both men and equipment, adding that it was a lot of hours to be behind the wheel of a truck.

Hall said there are approximately 50 DPW pieces out working, along with about 300 contract pieces. He said he was planning to keep them out until the accumulating snow stops.

He said the roads are good, with crews helped by the minimal traffic, as most people seemed to heed the advice of Gov. Charlie Baker to stay off the roads.

“All things considered, I think we’re in great shape,” Hall said. “(We) haven’t had the high tides and storm surge that were haunting us the last few incidents.”


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